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Hi! I'm Nick!

Welcome! I have a deep appreciation for the intersection of design, engineering, and human-computer interaction. Here, I explore what it means to be a UX Engineer and researcher, and how we can leverage the blooming disciplines of human-centered design and HCI to positively impact the rapidly-changing digital world around us.

I am currently a working as a UX Engineer at Charles River Analytics, where I tackle design challenges in the HMI, HAI, and HCI space. I will be writing articles about my experience living in Cambridge while researching and building in the domains of HCI & AI! Follow along if you're interested in what the journey looks like!

Come along with me as I explore this emerging space, build projects, read influential research, and expand the educational potential of design and engineering cohesiveness.

In my free time, I enjoy running, watching sports, exploring the city, traveling, and learning new skills.

Contact Me!


Twitter: @nickalico @code